Term 2

After many flights I finally got my favourite window seat and that too in row two, the Indigo flight was as always full but the one person who had the window seat didn’t come !! I take it as a positive omen for the Financial Accounting test tomorrow morning. It rained as we took off, yet another familiar send off for me – rains and I have a close relationship.

I was trying to revise the two quizzes on the flight … Everything looks familiar, but not comfortably familiar. The feeling is exactly like being under water and it’s familiar but you can’t breathe till you put your head out, IF you are close to the surface 🙂 here the surface is a good distance away.

I got myself a fancy calculator because Sajive said I should … Now have to figure it out, it’s too fancy. A great connection to my dear friend and first hardware teacher Hareesh, since the calculator is manufactured by Texas Instruments, where he works. How it helps me tomorrow remains to be seen.

The rush to the airport, last minute doubts, clarifying questions, all so familiar. Hareesh asked me if it was difficult to go back to formal studies after nearly two decades – I find myself to be a better student this time around. My ability to remember is still the same and I understand the concepts better because am able to apply them practically in a business situation.

How much technology has changed every aspect of our lives – I read on an iPad, I write on an iPad, and I can share through Facebook, listen to music while reading, be tutored on video (FaceTime), share files over Webex, make calls and especially do complex calculations using Excel. I know some of my colleagues at work are smiling about my comment on Excel, especially Geojo who believes he has proprietorship over Excel 🙂

Term 2 at ISB begins with a test tomorrow, Prof Finn did us in by convincing us we can do a closed book financial accounting test. He seems to have learnt the fine art of convincing gullible students like us to agree to things we wouldn’t normally !! When the books are open it takes us time to find the right solution, with no notes, no google, no Excel – what were we thinking !!!!! Antony, were you trying to miss the flight and did I spoil that plan earlier today ?

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