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Whats in a name ? My dear Prashant Bhardwaj called in the morning today and sounded really tired. So I asked him why and he says “someone has to check Veda’s batteries, she seems to have more energy than the energiser bunny !! Just running after her the whole day exhausts me and Pooja.” While I told him, that he and Pooja must have been just as difficult when they were babies, I took the phone again to tell him, “It’s also her name !”

My mother and mother-in-law are both called Vedavalli and in short “Veda”. We have a very dear friend who is also called Veda. I have a cousin who is called Veda. Not one of them sits still – and all
of them are a handful 🙂 so Prashant has an interesting life ahead as Veda’s dad. He should have let her first name choice be … Amoli was such a peaceful name ! But Veda was to be called Veda.

It’s actually fascinating how you live upto or live down to your name and some similar traits between people with the same names. Ofcourse you have disasters as well – Chetan without any brains, Vivek with no intelligence, and Jyoti with no light or a Mallika ending up as a freak show !

But just watch names – some that deserve the name and some that provide comic relief and some that just don’t match up. It’s fascinating.

Peter – sorry buddy, early signs seem to suggest Veda will live upto her name. So buckle down and get ready for a heady ride.

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  1. However bizzare my suggestion may sound, all is not lost yet Prashant.. prefix Veda with Sam and hope that while she continues to be at it.. she shows some Samvedna to you parents too. Being a father of 2 little boys.. I can only sympathise with you 🙂


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