Armstrong and Armstrong

Today is a big day … Two Armstrongs left the stage – one left the world, the other left the world of cycling. What a day !!

The first man to step on Moon, Neil Armstrong said “one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind” and he was a giant amongst men – wanted no glory for himself, was calm and composed, great guy for emergencies and just very grounded. Even the 1/6th gravity on moon couldn’t untether him from the ground. RIP Neil – you inspired many generations and there won’t ever be a first step on moon again – all the steps that do go will be after yours.

Stranger to the earth

A couple of years after Neil landed on the moon another Armstrong was born… I am beginning to think there is something about the Armstrong last name ! Lance Armstrong is 42 years younger than Neil Armstrong and he stayed firmly attached to the terra firma but flew over it on a cycle. Just as Neil’s first step can never be repeated, no one thought Lance’s seven consecutive Tour De France wins could ever be repeated … Well, now thanks to USADA, they would never have existed ! What a strange statement – “they would never have existed”. I don’t know if Lance is guilty of doping, but I do know that he beat cancer and he did participate in the super tough “Tour de France” – he won just by participating and completing the race because he gave hope to millions of cancer patients – for that alone, he will be a hero.

The truth is, only God is blemish-less, a human hero has warts and pockmarks – and moments when he is God, radiant and bright. If all were Gods all the time, it’s time for the big bang. Till then – enjoy the ride, to the moon or on the cycle and clap for the guy who gets there first !!!

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