Back to school

It’s funny how history repeats itself and similar things happen similarly in the same “incident frame” 🙂

Today, I took the day off. I had to do the last minute balance packing and a few other chores. I had valiantly tried to work for a couple of hours but the thought evaporated the minute I woke up late !! So everything progressed well till mid morning and then the first tiff happened… Cascading effect of the tiff was each of us had a long face for some time in rotation – exactly the way it has always happened before any important trip. It would happen this way when dad was alive and it continues to happen when he is gone – repeating pattern in the same “incident frame”.

All packed and a few arguments later, the cab reached half hour early. Thank God for small mercies or that would have been another cause of another round of arguments with the cab company.

Am now writing the blog on an airplane that has nearly 11 of us ISB students and a colleague of mine from work. Feels like I know many people on the airplane. Special !

Tomorrow the first term starts and coincidentally as I get back to school, mom is with me. 40 years back when I started school, she took me to school the first day alongwith dad. Now, 40 years later history repeats itself and here she is as I get back to school. Am sure Krishnan was with me in spirit 40 years back and so now with me in spirit and person ! Infact I held hands with a bald little boy in class 1 … Hmmm

Very similar preparation – the bag is just as heavy, but the new school has given us bags with wheels. I have enough gadgetry to fill the bag – books replaced by iPad, graph paper replaced by Excel, blackboard replaced by white panaboard and the professor hoping he has an intelligent class ! The same anxiety about Maths, exams and quizzes, the last minute prep with that one model question paper, sure it’s replaced with a case study but the questions still crease our forehead. Worries about who all is better prepared and whether I should ask the silly question or wait for someone else to make a fool of themselves 🙂 Calling each other up to make sure everyone’s equally stressed, if not a call, the facebook update that says “am all done” brings the heart rate to the same level.

It’s fun, it’s funny also how we repeat our behaviours in the same “incident frame” !

I am getting into the “incident frame” of going back to school – hoping in this innings, I truly learn some life lessons that I can use and reuse for the rest of my life. Exciting !
this innings

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