Cycle matters !

The cycle does make a difference !!!

Yesterday my friend brought over his “hardly” used cycle, a Trek 3700. My trusted 4300 is a little rusted I thought, since the front brakes were touching the wheel and no matter how many times Raju tried fixing it the problem was just not fixed. I didn’t realize how rusted the 4300 had become till today morning. I had to clean and give a dose of WD 40 to Kabir’s 3700 but the minute I got onto the bike in the morning, I had a wide smile on my face.

We went on the same old route – Merc Chowk, Neelkanth and Qutab Minar that we did on the 22nd (read the post “I blame my cycle but… it feels good !).

Today I averaged around 20 and most of the time I was above 22, touching 30 twice 🙂 And yes Krishnan had a wide grin on his face too !!

The climbs were easy and I just didn’t want the ride to end. I felt like I was back to my regular speed – which wasn’t very fast, but wasn’t as slow either. I could always get Rajesh worked up trying to stay at my speed 🙂 The tea at our friend’s chai shop at Qutab tasted sweeter and all our favorite rides came striding back into memory…. All because the brakes were no longer touching the wheel and this cycle has done just 200 Kms !!

So Golden Greens it is tomorrow…. I don’t think am returning this cycle to Kabir anytime soon !!


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