Arnab, chill

khap panchayat

Dear Arnab,

You were all worked up today about Akhilesh Yadav ji, honourable chief minister of UP saying media must discuss about the Asara village Khap panchayat’s diktats and that he cannot 🙂 you media people don’t understand the pulls and pressure on a young chief minister. How can he debate the khap panchayat’s diktats ? All the people in the khap panchayat are older than him, and he knows his manners – he respects elders. Do you understand ?

How can poor Akhilesh Yadav ji discuss the matter – he feels bad that his is a “love” marriage, now his elders had blessed his marriage then, but now they feel “love” less marriages are better. They know, they are the elders and men of experience. Every one of them is born in a “love” less marriage and if their daughters were allowed to be born, they again are perpetuating the great truth. Now their truth does not suit you, then you debate and you discuss. You want “love”, they also want “love” just less !!

What is the fuss about women below 40 not going out to shop alone – another manifestation of “love” less ! Buddy, who will pay if they go alone to the market ? You don’t get it – men have to go along to pay. These are proud men who keep their women, and are not kept by them. That’s all.

And with all the dust and lust in the streets, they want their less “loved” ones to cover their faces – now do you really want to debate and discuss these things?

Hope you get it now and stop being agitated. Akhilesh ji has important things to look at, now that his ministers can’t travel by car, the prisons are empty and his father against doctor’s advise does somersaults at this age, he can’t be bothered with what a few well meaning old men say or do. You shouldn’t be too – very soon, these species will become extinct. Less love, female infanticide, dumb sterile boys equals extinction.

Why not focus on Akhilesh ji’s father’s somersaults – more interesting. You want to talk about that ? Or maybe about Akhilesh ji’s wife ? Lovely young lady !

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