Mala meets Malu


The first child sponsored through ShikshaDaan is Mala .. A fun loving child studying in class 2 at OM Foundation. Her father is a vegetable vendor and mom is a housewife. She has a younger brother who is also in class 2 at OM Foundation.

My parents, aunts and uncles and cousins call me Malu .. Many of them don’t even know that my name is Bindumalini. So it felt really nice to meet Mala. Some similarities to me at the same age – she loves to study and go to school just like I was. I loved to study and my parents had to request the kindergarten teacher to allow me to sit in the class six months earlier.. So I did my LKG twice, strong foundation. A big difference between Mala and I – she loves Maths, that’s her favourite subject. It was my favourite subject as long as Narendran sir taught me .. Before and after, I have always been a little uncomfortable 🙂

Mala wants to be a doctor. Am sure she will become whatever she chooses to, and ShikshaDaan will be there to see her live her dreams and help her along the way. What a pleasant way to start the day !

Meeting Mala Made My Day :):):):):):) I smiled through the day.

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  1. I did not know where you were going with the name thing, until I heard it in full.. She had mentioned Hema Malini as one of her fav. heroines, and your name has Malini too, which is where I thought the conversation was heading towards! Did not know that it would get more interesting than I thought 🙂


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