Disappointed ?

If there is one person in the world that isn’t disappointed with something or someone, he or she would be a God on earth !! I started to think of it because Krishnan refused yet again to allow us to get a puppy, someone chose not to reply to a bbm message, another did not understand the logic of my idea, my mom still believes her sister made a mistake, the weighing scale refuses to budge, am unable to ride faster, someone lived upto their potential, someone didn’t live upto their potential…. The list goes on. It’s so easy to be disappointed. But why do we get disappointed ? Is it our never ending list of expectations ??? !!!

I want a puppy without any thought on how I will deal with it, I want the same special treatment like I got on day one, I want the other person to get “it”, I want mom to agree with my view of her sister…. I want, I want, I want – so I am disappointed :):)

Stop wanting things to “only” go your way – you can erase the word disappointment from your vocabulary.

Categories: Daily Reflections

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