Speed in India

Just finished watching Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock starrer “Speed” for probably the tenth time. I just love the movie. Infact Krishnan and I watched it first in Chennai and watched it a second time within 24 hours with Amma and Appa !!

This is the movie that built up my fascination with the US cop cars :):)

While watching it today, I just thought if this movie were to be made in India … Could it be made? It would be complete fantasy, what with the choked roads, and the huge pedestrian crowds, the “urban” wildlife and the buses that have more than 200% of their seating capacity…

The only way we can make “Speed” in India is to use bicycles !!! Unless we go on the amazing network of highways between Delhi-Jodhpur, Chennai-Bangalore, Delhi-Agra ….. It can be done, just a different setting.

Categories: Daily Reflections

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