When we came to Delhi in 1997 a friend of ours took us to Keventers in CP for the first time and it has become a necessary stop for us often !! Today when we went, it was just as crowded and a long queue to get the half litre of sweetned milk, as it was in 1997 or at subsequent visits. Some places just grow on you and I wonder what sets them apart… For food it is consistency of good taste. Am thinking about my favourite eating places – Saravana Bhavan, Murugan Idli Shop, Murthal Ahuja No.1, Dakshin, Flavors, Deez Biriyani, Chandni Chowk Paranthe wali gali corner shop, HALDIRAMS….. Each of them has consistently good tasting food. It doesn’t matter which restaurant you step into from their chain.

Also interestingly, my food orders are pretty consistent and predictable !!! And I pride myself on loving change – in food, I like the “same variety” :):)

Ofcourse we didn’t stop with Keventers, we went to Wengers as well to eat some Danish. Keventers has been around for 75 years and Wengers was established in 1926 and were the first to bring Swiss confectionary to Delhi. History and food.


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