It is our favourite restaurant ! Krishnan and I have come to Dakshin at Park Sheraton a few times when we lived in Chennai and just love the food and ambience there. Yesterday while having dinner with my visiting colleagues, it was nostalgic, because I was returning to this particular restaurant after nearly 16 years !! And so many things had changed in our life in these years…

The live music counter at Dakshin has been moved, the Iyer’s dosa counter had shrinked and moved too and there are more seats now. We had seen the legendary actor Nagesh in this restaurant. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of food – outstanding as always. The banana dosa was classic as always as was the stew.

The music of our life has also changed since we last visited, the food we eat now has also changed and we have more of many things !! What hasn’t changed in our essence – just like the food at Dakshin. We remain with the same values… Just the expression of those values has changed. 🙂

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