Dont Marry….

if you intend to connect over every latest connection tool – Skype, Gtalk, phone, video chat, google circles, FaceTime …..

I refuse to understand LDR – long distance relationships. If you only choose to connect over the ether most of the time, just don’t marry. There is no substitute for holding hands, a warm hug in person and waking up everyday with the love of your life. Don’t marry if you don’t want to be a lifelong companion – I know, all my friends married to armed forces personnel will jump at me to say, their spouses postings sometimes does lead to long absences. The cause there is higher than the person, and its a silent sacrifice many many women across the world make. This post is not for you, God bless you and your spouses. The rest of us will never know the pain you feel.

This is a post for the impatient new generation..two minute noodles, two minute romance, two minute “hit the sack”, two minute marriage/divorce, two minute children, two minute maids, two minute jobs, two minute heart attacks …. dead in two minutes. This new world has lost forever the “anticipation” of waiting for your beloved to show up – without a phone call, at the pre-determined time, the thrill of holding hands in a theatre, the pain of having to wait for parental approval/disapproval, the newness of waking up in your new home, convincing your mom-in-law that tea is better than coffee, discovering a new family (many times disasters), the many things that make love endure.

I have the need for speed too, love the new ways of keeping in touch and I absolutely love the two minute maggi noodles – I just wish the new gen does not extend the noodles cooking time to all things in their life. Some things take time – your relationship with your companion for life is like the finest wine – start with finding the right grapes, the right soil and then spend the entire lifetime watering, pruning, cleaning and harvesting, recharge the soil and then bottle the wine and leave it to age, every year’s harvest will keep giving you a whole cellar of deep rich memories and a lifetime of special moments that no two minute noodles can match !!



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  1. Excellent write up on a very imp subject. People are ready to invest in various kinds of assets (real estate, equity, gold, derivatives ad what have you) and keep monitoring their current value obsessively, so that they can lead a happy life later on, but ignore/neglect to invest their time in the most valuable asset of their lives – people and relationships. Time to reflect!


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