Electric Compassion

I married the man who told me about Valentine’s day … So everyday for me has been a day of love. Krishnan told me on the Marina beach, Chennai on 18th March 1990 that we should marry only if both of us help each other become something extraordinary. We did marry and have spent everyday of the last 21 years being one person – our dreams are the same, our friends are common, our interests are well known to each other and not one moment that we didn’t want to spend with each other.

On Sunday night while walking around Ridgewood estate, we were trying to find one word that describes us – I said the one word description for me is Electric and for Krishnan it would be Compassion. So together we symbolise “Electric Compassion” …. That’s us.

Happy day of love … Repeated 365 times multiplied by as many years this edition of our souls is for 🙂

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  1. Thanks very much for those ‘compassionate’ words about me. I can still feel the ‘current’ coming from you, the way I felt when I met you first on 14th March 1990. You are a live wire, full of energy and life! Happy Valentine’s Day! Every Day!


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