Stop…. Think… and then Act

I wake up to a world where a father abuses his little girl and then she runs away to marry an even more abusive man… gives birth to a baby when she is barely into her teens (14) and almost kills the baby in her rage. And we are upset that our rich little boys dont play well in Australia, the maid hasnt cleaned that corner, I dont lose weight, six pack or eight pack (abs or beer, does it matter)….

They have done research that says only 2% reality reaches you – I think they should do the tests again, because I think they missed a decimal before 2. It must be 0.2% reality that really reaches us. We live cocooned sheltered lives with no idea of how majority of the world lives. The dark ages are here, not a thing of the past. What could be darker than a little girl being violated? Not just here … South Africa does not even allow babies to be featured in the adverts, because the belief is if you have sex with a young child, you wont get AIDS, gross????

The Mayan calendar is right, Nostradamus is right, Hinduism is right about the Kalyug – there will be no Armageddon, or “Pralay”…. we will just regress and behave like barbarians and the world as we know it will end. I dont belong to this world where a child cant sleep at night because her father might force himself on her, or a 90 year old grandmom can get raped because she speaks a certain language. We make Draupadi’s “cheer haran” look juvenile !!

Into THIS world we bring baby after baby after baby – stop, think  and then Act!

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