Snowmen and Singed cells

There were two abominable Snowmen, one behind the other today at a traffic signal in the Gurgaon Metropolis. One pure white, the other the color of mother Earth. While they eyed each other a couple of monster buses came by and all vehicles gave way …. The Pune rampage in mind.

What a day to wake upto… Last night we “singed” off, no, it’s not a typo. The Bhel from Kamla Nagar was outstanding but every cell in our body was on fire, me being the fire sign poured the entire mixture of red hot chillies into the Bhel !!! Then we wake up to Australia pummelling a dead Indian team and a momentary madness of a bus driver killing 9 people and flattening 40 vehicles in Pune. Yes he is arrested, but the damage is done…. What tipped him over ?

Now at work …. So “singeing” off. Hopefully I will have pleasanter things to eat at work 🙂

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