Daily Reflections


She is probably the human reason for my birth …. Because she got my mom and dad married. I have met her just four times. Once at thatha-paati’s home in Tirunelveli, then at the hospital when Periappa was recovering, then in Madurai… Finally in Mumbai in 1996. Her daughters well educated and the younger one considered to be a genius at IIT Kharagpur ! Each time I met her it has been a long gap and so many things changed, for both of us.

The first time I met her, her daughter commented that it was a pleasant surprise that I knew English, the second time I met her, Periappa was upset that his elder daughter tried to touch a running fan, the third time Periappa was no more, one daughter had joined LIC and the genius had written the GATE for IIT. The last time I met her in Mumbai, I was married and we were at our lowest point in life …..

She who cooked lunch and ran to her sister’s house to give it, so that her little sister’s husband would be happy and wouldn’t know that her little sister didn’t know to cook, today does not even call on her own !! Sisters, friends, children…. 8 decades of being on earth numbs the heart I think. Thank you Periamma for speaking to Mom and for your advise. Thanks also for getting Appa to meet Amma – I didn’t have a chance otherwise. 🙂


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