Today’s discovery – So much money !

I got late for the weekday ride today but did a solo ride of 14 Kms. I went all over the DLF Phase 1 area and couldnt believe the kind of wealth on display !! Beautiful houses, tree lined avenues and empty plots just to hold several luxury cars. I dont have a problem with wealth, but at one point I could see the Bristol chowk and the “jugaad” vehicles clamouring for business and the many construction workers huddled together and wondered, will there be a time when everyone will have access to similar opportunities and public services ? Someone will always be more wealthier and should be – depends totally on each person’s ability, but isnt it important that a Govt cares about the welfare of all its citizens? The basic amenities and access to them should be similar and access to opportunities.

When I rode out to the GCR it was a cacophany of office going traffic… our quiet Merc Chowk had atleast a 100 cars across the four roads !! DLF Phase 1 was so quiet and serene. Amazing contrasts and just a fence that divides. Guess its also the trees that absorb the noise.




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