Daily Reflections


Oprah came visiting and because her security detail roughed up some media folk, she will never visit India again …. Touchy ? Hmm – suddenly all those talk shows of hers seem so shallow. One problem and the country is off limits. Has she learnt anything at all from interviewing the hundreds of celebrities ? Most idols have feet of clay, but you are so enraptured in their aura that you don’t look down at their feet.

For long I have felt that the world is bereft of true heroes, the challenge of a public life is to stay true to what brought you into the public. The adulation should go to the heart, not the head …. It does seem as though Warren Buffett with his popcorn and TV will end up being that type of hero. Unpretentious and not vain, normal human being.

As Osho says, what have you gained, owned today that death can’t take away ?


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