Happy birthday Mahesh

Many many happy returns to you Mahesh Iyer !!! You look 40 and sound like you are 30 when one speaks to you over the phone …. So are you sure you turned 60 today ??

Please remember my advise that age is just a number and it’s in your head 🙂

Here’s something I wrote for you –

The unseen radio waves
Carried your friendly hello
And your pleasant smile
We spoke about many things
My work experience and why
The need to change
Several times the line got cut
Because of you !!
But we did complete the conversation
And little did we know
That we would be such good friends..

Through one tough phase
Of our lives
And many pleasant events
We have stayed in touch and
Grown fonder
The friendship deep
And many shared memories
Hope your belief changes now
Souls do leave the body and are reborn
Or why would you be as familiar ?

Many wishes from us
For many many years ahead
With health, vitality and thousands of smiles
May only the very best come your way
Just as it has till now
May the sun be bright, the moon romantic
And your life filled with love and joy !

Happy birthday.

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