Amazing Friday…

So I woke up today with the clear idea that I should figure out everything I need to know about WordPress and with Peter on the phone I did manage to understand it a little better. It’s a lot more powerful than blogspot.

Amazing Friday because I managed to do all that I set out to do at work… 52 weeks of 2012. Important weeks for OYD.Its raining now, started when I started from work around 930 pm.

Not sure if I can ride tomorrow… Maybe able to go for a short ride if it does not rain.

I couldn’t move from my desk though. I need to structure my days differently through 2012, so am out with the teams more than sitting at my desk.

Excerpt from Osho’s book – “…. That’s why I say meditation is a scientific thing. That’s how science works : if you can find something without any exception, then it becomes a rule. Meditation is a scientific method because in the whole of history nobody has said that it does not lead you to the ultimate blissfulness.”

More tomorrow … Enough writing today.

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